New Manga Love: Fullmetal Alchemist

Ladies and gentlemen, I pulled a Columbus and sailed the opposite way – and discovered a whole new world!

Manga: why did I not discover you earlier? All I have left to say right now is: come to mama!

I picked up Fullmetal Alchemist last night (my cousin had insisted I take them from him a long while ago)… and it’s 5:30 am now and I haven’t slept a wink. Nuh-uh. I had watched Fullmetal Alchemist in Animax a long while ago; the only reason I agreed to take this particular series was because I recognised the name. And oh boy, I’m so HOOKED!

North American version cover art

North American version cover art (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I just love the story! The Elric brothers are so connectible (I’m not sure it’s the right word but please excuse my sleep deprived brain). You can’t help but feel for these two boys who tries to get their mother back – and almost die in the process. There is this bond between them that you see right away – the boy in armour, and the boy with limbs of steel. And besides loving those two, I just can’t get enough of the Philosopher Stone  references – I really looked up a lot about that stone when I read the first Harry Potter book *grins*.

It’s beautiful – the artistry, the story. I’m still in the beginning of the story – only about 17 chapters out of 108 covered (I don’t know if there are more: 108 chapters are all I possess) but I’m definitely in love ^_^

(And the adorable quips they have about Al trying to slim down and growing body hair? How CUUTEEE!!! *fan girl squeal* )