Books to anticipate: The Moon and More by Sarah Dessen

The Moon and More
Author: Sarah Dessen
Expected Publication: June 4th 2013

It’s no big secret I’m a huge fan of Sarah Dessen.

It is also an universally acknowledged fact that her last book What Happened To Goodbye was a downer. And what a pity, because it was SUCH a beautiful name and had SUCH a pretty cover. And SUCH an adorable author writing it. 😦

Right now I’m praying really very very desperately that the old Sarah Dessen will be back with this one… What Happened To Goodbye was a disappointment indeed – even Along For The Ride (bashed by many) had been more intense, and since it was the first Dessen book I ever read and found better (aka older) books I had no reason to complain.

But I need the magic back. The magic of Just Listen, the intensity of Lock and Key, the sweetness of The Truth About Forever. And the power of That Summer.

Can I ask for (some not all) that??? Pretty please??


The New Year’s Day Post

It’s New Year’s Day!

And this is not a review 😀 (well, obviously). Previously my random reviews ended up all over the place: some in my Goodreads Account, some in my other blog Klutz Diaries. And chaos reigned. So here’s the remedy: a full-fledged book blog (yay!!)

Honestly speaking I’ve always envied book bloggers – they get freebies, they get to talk with the authors they love,  they hold such awesome contests and they critique so well. I’m just a straggler, and a 20-year old at that. Unforgivable sin indeed, given that most books in my read list belong to teen and YA shelves and I start a book blog after I stopped being one (teenager, I mean. I’m definitely a young adult and a happy one in that 😛 )

So here’s The Book Hog 🙂 I have imported the few reviews in Klutz Diaries (aka KD) here… Hope TBH thrives!

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Book Review: North and South

North and SouthNorth and South by Elizabeth Gaskell

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Dear North and South

Ah, sweet sweet book – why did I postpone reading you for so long! For 10 days you remained unread on my shelf, stuck at a mere 12% progress. I admit your length daunted me, but it was more apprehension than anything else. I had loved the TV adaptation, and I feared you would fall short.

And you did not.

I’m so happy, so giddy, that I persevered and finished you today. You’re everything I adore in period books. I love your version of Thornton, Margaret, Mrs Thornton, Mrs Hale so so much better – and that’s really saying something because I adored the TV characters. Though maybe the Higgins character was better shown on-screen – in my opinion at least. Every single character in the book was so lovingly portrayed, so lifelike, I’m still basking in the afterglow.

North and South is a book to be savoured. Being originally a serialised novel, it is slow-paced, but poignant in it’s every sentence. The slow pace itself gives us the opportunity to get familiar with the characters, and cheer on as they grow and mature. We fall in love with them, and enjoy their triumphs, grieve at their loss. We root for them to find happiness, to fall in love, to acknowledge that love.

BBC TV Series: North and South (2004)

BBC TV Series: North and South (2004)

John Thornton and Margaret Hale – behold one of the most passionate couples in the Literary world. It’s a shame they aren’t household names like Elizabeth Bennet and Darcy; I’m grateful to the North and South TV series that introduced this story to me. The ending was rushed a bit – from what I gather, I have the great Mr Charles Dickens (Author Elizabeth Gaskell’s mentor) is to be blamed for it. But this book is worth every page, and I can guarantee Jane Austen fans that they can find an author to obsess over after this book. I have, to be sure.

Verdict: Definitely a 5 star book 🙂

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