Rant: Reason why The Book Hog is so terribly distracted

I opened a book blog and started posting regularly, passionately till one day, suddenly, there was radio silence. What happened? What went wrong?

Here’s the dig, folks: alien abduction. Yep. A manga-loving anime-crazy alien has taken over this innocent person who had never read mangas (and watched anime if they were showing on TV but not really following them). I haven’t been sleeping at nights, staying up to finish the damn series, and then start the next… And waking after noon means DAILY rants from my mom. And not to mention, my exams are going on.

Can I get any freakier?  I mean I watched two whole anime series today! *Kill me somebody*

(Psst: if you’re somebody who knows me personally, do NOT let my family know about this or I’ll let loose the hounds on hell on you ­čśŤ )

Alien abduction, I’m sure. Or is it just the power of anime-world? Na. It’s the power of stories, of fictional worlds, that enthrals┬áme… I just discovered a new medium. Whatever it is, I need to snap out of it… NOW!!!

Please oh please oh please…