I Made A Manga(Fox) Downloader!

You must be thinking I’ve forgotten all about this blog 😀 Well that’s hardly the case! I’ve been dying to read some good books, and review them. But duty calls! I’m in my final year of Undergraduate studies, and even though I’m not really working hard on anything, somehow I find myself harried and devoid of free time. That doesn’t help with stress, nuh-uh.

One thing that does keep me calm, however, is the other kind of geek side to me. And so I ended up making a MangaFox Downloader which – you guessed it! – downloads manga chapters for free from the manga-hosting sire, MangaFox.me. And you guessed it right – I’m a Computer Science and Engineering undergrad 😀

You can find the tiny file (only about 20kB) for free here: http://www.4shared.com/file/vlF4bcCK/MangaFox_Downloader.html

The how-to instructions (with screenshots) and more information about this version of the downloader here!

Why did I go to lengths creating this program?? You can find about those reasons here:

Since it’s obvious the program might have some bugs, I’d appreciate your feedback… and welcome your support!! So do drop a line! ^_^

Here’s a peek into how it looks like… And yes, I’m a huge Chihayafuru fan 😀



1000 page views before the month ends?

I randomly checked The Book Hog’s stats and saw that I had 696 page views till now . And I’d hit the 700 mark today (probably). So even though it doesn’t mean that 700 people reached my site, it does mean people all over the world cared to come over 🙂 It’s such a happy thought! So I had an idle and ridiculous thought: would the blog hit the thousands page-view mark before it turned a month old?

Maybe it is a ridiculous thought (most probably it is). I have no idea what a respectable traffic for a book blog is. And moreover I haven’t reviewed many books in the first place – so   my posts won’t turn up so frequently in Google searches. So what is a good threshold? Even then, I don’t care. It’s just a fancy, that I’d like to know The Book Hog was accessed a thousand times in its first month of existence 🙂

Can it happen? Well to make sure of that, I sure have to write more reviews 🙂 Yay!

This one seems pretty inspiring 🙂

Ever After is out!!

Thank you folks for keeping visiting and liking my posts even though they became irregular because of exams. (Or truthfully, mangas 😀 )

I get this warm and fuzzy feeling of satisfaction every time I get those notifications… *happy sigh*

However, this post isn’t about me… This is to scream (about 1-2 days late depending upon time zones) that Kim Harrison‘s Ever After is out! The awesome-est Hollows book yet is out there for everyone else to enjoy! YAY!! It’s doubly special for me this time since the book is the first ARC I ever received… 🙂 🙂

Here’s the link to the review I wrote for the ARC: https://thebookhog.wordpress.com/2013/01/01/book-review-ever-after-hollows-11/

This book is just so adorable!! *does a happy dance*

My e-ARC expired 😦 However it just means that I’ll go and get the real deal 🙂 Or since I already know the story should I wait for the mass-market edition?? o.O Any suggestions? Help me out!!


Rant: Reason why The Book Hog is so terribly distracted

I opened a book blog and started posting regularly, passionately till one day, suddenly, there was radio silence. What happened? What went wrong?

Here’s the dig, folks: alien abduction. Yep. A manga-loving anime-crazy alien has taken over this innocent person who had never read mangas (and watched anime if they were showing on TV but not really following them). I haven’t been sleeping at nights, staying up to finish the damn series, and then start the next… And waking after noon means DAILY rants from my mom. And not to mention, my exams are going on.

Can I get any freakier?  I mean I watched two whole anime series today! *Kill me somebody*

(Psst: if you’re somebody who knows me personally, do NOT let my family know about this or I’ll let loose the hounds on hell on you 😛 )

Alien abduction, I’m sure. Or is it just the power of anime-world? Na. It’s the power of stories, of fictional worlds, that enthrals me… I just discovered a new medium. Whatever it is, I need to snap out of it… NOW!!!

Please oh please oh please…

200+ pageviews in 3 days!!!

Guess why The Book Hog is so happy……. I got 200+ page-views in 3 days and especially because yesterday, the 3-day-old blog got a hundred page views! And I think getting your page hit a 100 times on the 3rd day itself equals PARTY TIME!! 😀

So let’s have a tiny celebration:

That was a very pleasant gift for me to come home to after an exhausting end-sem paper (it was a war out there, folks 😛 :D) So I thank you all who came here 🙂 Cheers!

Jisha 🙂

Previously written reviews coming up!

There are many heretofore unpublished-in-blog reviews lying around in Goodreads. And my exam month’s started (yeah I have to appear six papers in a month-long time-frame… exhausting, innit?) So this is the PERFECT time to import those reviews and update this blog!

Goodreads Library

I’ve been having a lovely time – This blog has been welcomed with so many visitors and likes on it’s first day, it’s really inspiring and heart-warming! Thank you all! 🙂

Jisha ^_^

The New Year’s Day Post

It’s New Year’s Day!

And this is not a review 😀 (well, obviously). Previously my random reviews ended up all over the place: some in my Goodreads Account, some in my other blog Klutz Diaries. And chaos reigned. So here’s the remedy: a full-fledged book blog (yay!!)

Honestly speaking I’ve always envied book bloggers – they get freebies, they get to talk with the authors they love,  they hold such awesome contests and they critique so well. I’m just a straggler, and a 20-year old at that. Unforgivable sin indeed, given that most books in my read list belong to teen and YA shelves and I start a book blog after I stopped being one (teenager, I mean. I’m definitely a young adult and a happy one in that 😛 )

So here’s The Book Hog 🙂 I have imported the few reviews in Klutz Diaries (aka KD) here… Hope TBH thrives!

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