Book Review: The Fine Art of Truth or Dare

The Fine Art of Truth or Dare by Melissa Jensen

My rating: 1 of 5 stars

Date of finishing: 23rd Jan 2013
Recommended for: NO ONE.

The Fine Art of Truth or Dare

Truth: I found the title very interesting.
Truth: I thought the cover picture was adorable.
Truth: I shouldn’t have read this one. Really.

There is this thing about expectations – when something falls short, it really breaks your heart. This book came very close to breaking my heart – good thing I stop expecting things halfway!

The story started off beautifully. First when Edward Willing was mentioned, I first balked… After all, Twilight has jinxed the name for me and I began thinking why any author would take the risk of naming their protagonist so… And then came this part and I loved it:

Truth: Edward Willing died in 1916.

Na, that doesn’t make me morbid – it just made me think that this story might just get interesting. Especially with all those potentially humorous situations of a Willing Girl.

The hero is Alex-who-is-not-Alexander-but-Alexei. The heroine is scarred (literally and figuratively) and suffers from major complex. And they have no story. This story could have been about growth. This story could have featured the girl taking up a Dare when it actually mattered. This story could have had haunted artists and haunting artists (or that may be just wishful thinking). It unfortunately has none of those.

I have no idea what Alex has to recommend for himself. And the sad thing is that even Ella herself couldn’t answer that one. All we know about him is that he is hot, and 6 ft tall. Is that even a description? I have no idea how he looks like. At least we have some visual cues about Ella – long hair, timid and invisible personality so I figure I’d never really see her face if I ever even tried to imagine her. I just don’t feel like doing that – she’s a huge waste of time. I like the best friends, though, who never really got their own space in this half baked story. I’d like to know what actually went behind Sadie’s voluminous clothes, if Frankie really bounced back every time he failed in love. And ironically, the person I like the best is the scarcely mentioned Daniel, the Frankie’s-twin-gangster-dude.

The only thing realistic about the story was Ella’s family. It was loud, loving and bossy just like every closely knitted family and it was the only thing that kept me going in this story. Because frankly speaking the story really didn’t end up anywhere. Why wasn’t there any plot, dammit?!

What happened about Anna! Why didn’t Sienna’s fiancé/husband get a scene? Why wasn’t Alex given a life, dammit? Why was he the hero? Till the last moment I was hoping the author would change her mind and give Daniel the spotlight, unexpectedly making him the hero! And the most important question – why did Ella exist at all? Because I believe every story comes up for a reason – for the love of a character, for the passion for some plot, or for vengeance or justice. I found no story at all in this one – just dry make-belief conversations.

I suggest you do not read this. Please.

I really do hate negative reviews :/

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Book Review : Born in Flames (Born in Flames #1)

I remember what happened when I posted this review on Goodreads. This particular book has a spectacular rating in the site and, let’s face it, has a beautiful cover. But here’s what happened – I hated it. And obviously didn’t mince any words in my honest review. And then one day all of a sudden there was this troller who stalked every reviewer (and there were amazingly quite a few.. I wonder why) in GR who gave this book a negative review and we all had a field day battling those trollers. And I gained a couple of new buddies in Goodreads whose taste I could trust! #Memories 🙂 So here goes:

Born in Flames by Candace Knoebel

My rating: 1 of 5 stars

born-in-flames-finalOne word. C.R.E.E.P.Y.

I covered 27% of the book, but I couldn’t go on. I tried. Honest.

I don’t know what the author was thinking about when she framed plots. First she tells us that 10 yr old Aurora is a dragon. Apparently she’s in some danger so she’s transported to some other place as is a boy. 8 yrs later the story picks up and we learn that a boy and Aurora turned up in a foster home with no memory whatsoever. Coincidence? Na na. Na na. Naaaaaa Na.
(And I don’t consider that a spoiler because it happens IMMEDIATELY when the book starts).

So what displeased me is that it smacked so much of fake-incest. Actually, even a book with incestuous plot line wouldn’t offend me as much. Why go all to all that length at all? Moreover, it’s as if Aurora’s changing her definition of her relationship with Fenn according to her wish. And let me tell you, this Fenn guy is creepy too. These two siblings/friends/whatever are already adults and are cohabiting. Apparently, they are friends. So tell me why does Fenn have roving hands. Do friends keep kissing whatever wounds a girl acquires? Seriously?

The two persons should be sharing 8 yrs of common history – which should have given them a comfort level. If the author did want to insert a romantic element, at least she should have dedicated quite a few pages showing us their compatibility and then progressed into the romantic zone. Kind of justifying them being together. But nope. Almost immediately Fenn invades personal space (Rory darling doesn’t mind/care) and head butts her (or something – I’m so weary of this book I’ve forgotten the details) and la! Rory blushes! No explanation as to why she had an 8-yr-delayed response. Dragons seem to have magnificently slow reflexes. Another proof of inconsistency in their history AND bad writing?? They decide to (highlight to view spoiler)have a NORMAL day out. Gah, what were their days before, abnormal? C’mon, whose normal day out is eating out in 5 star hotels and then go horse riding? Whatever…

And the writing style wasn’t impressive at all. Neither was the content, to-be-honest. The protagonists weren’t convincing (like I told y’all earlier) and then the story wasn’t captivating (as much as I read). There’s this place where we were (view spoiler)[promised danger to Rory as prophesized by a creepy old guy. I waited with bated breath – okay, finally SOME excitement. Well, I got nada. The only excitement I got was Rory realising she could control fire. La la! You told us that in chapter 1, remember?? (hide spoiler)]

Bad read, really. Sorry for the harsh review but I’m really disappointed! The book cover and the blurb were so exciting 😦

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