New Manga Love: Fullmetal Alchemist

Ladies and gentlemen, I pulled a Columbus and sailed the opposite way – and discovered a whole new world!

Manga: why did I not discover you earlier? All I have left to say right now is: come to mama!

I picked up Fullmetal Alchemist last night (my cousin had insisted I take them from him a long while ago)… and it’s 5:30 am now and I haven’t slept a wink. Nuh-uh. I had watched Fullmetal Alchemist in Animax a long while ago; the only reason I agreed to take this particular series was because I recognised the name. And oh boy, I’m so HOOKED!

North American version cover art

North American version cover art (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I just love the story! The Elric brothers are so connectible (I’m not sure it’s the right word but please excuse my sleep deprived brain). You can’t help but feel for these two boys who tries to get their mother back – and almost die in the process. There is this bond between them that you see right away – the boy in armour, and the boy with limbs of steel. And besides loving those two, I just can’t get enough of the Philosopher Stone  references – I really looked up a lot about that stone when I read the first Harry Potter book *grins*.

It’s beautiful – the artistry, the story. I’m still in the beginning of the story – only about 17 chapters out of 108 covered (I don’t know if there are more: 108 chapters are all I possess) but I’m definitely in love ^_^

(And the adorable quips they have about Al trying to slim down and growing body hair? How CUUTEEE!!! *fan girl squeal* )


9 thoughts on “New Manga Love: Fullmetal Alchemist

  1. Fullmetal Alchemist was my second manga series (just discovered the world of manga and anime last summer!)!! Oh jeez…I only have 2 volumes left of it until it’s over for me (well, besides the two anime series’)…T_T Enjoy it while it lasts and don’t rush through it like I did!!! I just recently got my friend hooked on it and now she can’t stop reading it (of course)! I LOOOVE Ed’s little tantrums when people call him short!! >o< ^O^ Do NOT watch YouTube videos for Fullmetal and then read the comments…that's how I ruined some things for myself (including part of the ending T_T)…-_-" It's too bad that they can't use the Philosopher's Stone now cause of how it's made… 😥 And now I'll stop rambling on randomly about FMA…haha xP Sorry…

    • Ha ha I know EXACTLY what you mean – but your advice to not to rush through it came a bit too late – I just finished it. Yep, read the whole series in two days – that’s how obsessed I get when I really like something!

      And yeah it was so cute when Ed threw tantrums on ‘shorty’ and ‘beanie’ LOL! And Al was so adorable 🙂 Yeah Philosopher’s stone actually disgusted me to no end, and I really hated the Homonuculous *or whatever it was spelled like*… except Greed, of course 😀

      See? I had my own fangirl rant about FMA – no worries!!

      • Well then…haha xD I WISH I were able to read a series that quickly…well…depending how much I want it to last or not…The only problem is school and my parents usually get in the way of reading non-stop (my parents get mad at me if I read for 5 hours…>.<). But anyways…I finished it on Tuesday!!! ^o^ My best friend looked up the ending before and it said that Ed dies and then Al brings him back, but then they live in different times…o.O I'm glad it didn't end like that…The only thing that made me sad was that Ed couldn't keep his alchemy… 😥

        I especially love the part when Edward and Lin are in Gluttony's stomach and Lin tries to figure out whether or not Ed's Envy in disguise and he finds out the truth as soon as Ed freaks out at him for calling him a midget. ^o^ It's kinda interesting how the younger brother is more responsible and mature than the older one… xD

        When Doctor Marcoh gave the philosopher's stone to Mustang, I thought Mustang would've refused because the stone is made up of…well…people…Well, I guess he didn't really have much of a choice unless he didn't want his eyesight back…

        I didn't like the first Greed that much (well, he was a bit more awesome than the others too though…), but I LOVED Lin Greed!!! xD ^O^ It was sad when he died… 😦

        Speaking of Homunculus…I was SOOO glad when Pride FINALLY died!!! And the new Pride/Selim is SOOO cute and ACTUALLY innocent (unlike the other creepy one…) Gotta go!!! 😉

      • I think Mustang made the right choice: it’s not that he was making a new Philosopher’s Stone and hurting anyone: rather I think, the ones who have already been hurt, would prefer that the stone fell into worthy hands and not misused.,,

        And about Ed losing his alchemy – I think it was prophesized right from the beginning. Ed never felt that the powerful alchemy was his own – he always considered it as a byproduct of seeing the ‘Truth’ and thus underestimated himself… this way without the alchemy he would be able to grow into his own skin, and maybe acquire new powers through his search and actually be proud of it… And if loss of alchemy restored Ed’s body, he definitely won’t regret it and so I’m really happy about that development.

        Oh, and agree about Selim 😉

        Lin, however, is my only regret. Lin, who made a Sin his friend, and conquered it.

        Hey can you suggest me any good manga like this one and Gakuen Alice? In this fortnight I really have read many (mostly Shoujo of course 😀 ) but these two stand out more than any… 🙂

      • Ohhhhh….that makes sense (about Mustang)!!! haha xD It’s kind of like how Hohenheim had all the sould of Xerxes inside of him help defeat “Father”…is that what you’re getting at???

        I never really realized that, but yeah…I guess it was kind of prophesized right from the beginning…Thanks for explaining it to me!!!! ^o^

        True…but it came in handy a LOT. ESPECIALLY during the war when he protected the gate. Plus, if it hadn’t been Lin, I don’t think Greed would’ve turned good since he wouldn’t have met and known Ed, Ran-fan, old man Fuu, etc. if he had been in someone else’s body. Greed was also gonna try and take over the world until Lin stopped him and made him realize that what he REALLY wanted was friends.

        Ooooh!!! I LOVE recommending books and stuff to people sooo…haha xD Well, I just started reading manga in the summer (sorry if I already said that…xP) so I haven’t read much, but here’s a list of what I have and what you might like!

        – Vampire Knight – my VERY first manga! It’s about this academy called Cross academy where there’s a day and a night class and the night class is (of course) full of vampires!! In my oppinion it’s better then Twilight, but after volume…10 (?) it kind of goes downhill and REEAAALLY slow-paced, but before that it’s REALLY good!! And of COURSE there’s a love triangle (what vampire romance would be complete without it? xP), but it’s between vampires, not a vampire and werewolf or anything…and there’s just vampires…and now I will stop talking about VK and randomly rambling about it…hehe >.<

        – Kimi ni Todoke – a shoujo romance about a 15 year old girl named Sawako Koronuma (probably spelled that wrong…darn japanese names!! haha xD) that looks pretty much EXACTLY like the ghost from the horror movie "The Ring" and so (for some reason, though I would hope this wouldn't happen in real life) people avoid her and are always afraid of her and ALWAYS say sorry to her if they think they did something wrong. Then she meets the popular boy, Kazehaya who can't avoid people who don't fit in with the class… ^o^

        -Crazy For You – the author of this one also wrote Kimi ni Todoke and this one is actually her debut series and there's only 6 volumes. This one starts off really cheerful and happy, but then as soon as this one thing (which I won't tell you of course cause it's a HUUUGE spoiler) happens the rest of the series except the very ending is VERY dark and intense so I don't know if you would want to read it…but it is pretty worth it to read it to the very end! ^o^ But ANYWAYS, it's about 17 year old Sachi who has been boyfriendless for all her 17 years. Then she meets someone named Yuki (short for something that I cannot remember cause they don't really mention his full name that much at ALL) and she falls in love with him. And…that's all I can really say without ruining anything!

        Pandora Hearts – This story has a bit of a supernatural kind of feeling to it, but it also reminds me a LITTLE bit of Alice in Wonderland…It's about Oz Vessalius (DEFINITLEY spelled that wrong…-_-") who JUST turned 15 and at his age of ceremony gets taken to the Abyss prison (people who go there don't come back and usually end up dying there) by the baskervilles and his sin is his "very being". It's REALLY good and it's still on-going I'm pretty sure…

        Dengeki Daisy – I JUST started reading this yesterday, but I've already fallen in love with it! Basically, it's about 16 year old Teru. On her brother's dying bed he gave her a phone with one contact in it for "DAISY" and said that if she ever needed someone to text that number. Then it goes to the present where Teru is a scholarship student at a rich school and getting bullied by the student coucil members. She gets texts of encouraging words from "DAISY" every day which basically helps her to go on without breaking down. She, by accident, breaks a window and then the school janitor, Tasuku Kurosaki, makes her pay it off by working for him. It's pretty obvious about who DAISY is from the beginning, but I won't say who… 😉

        I THINK that's it…O.O haha xD I actually haven't heard of Gakuen Alice…is it good??? 😀

      • Oh yeah, I guess there is that parallelism between Hohenheim doing that with the Xerxes… I forgot about that! Look at us – turning the manga into a discussion of Philosophy!! 😀

        LOL, @videogamelover! I started reading manga this month, and now I’m hooked! I have actually watched so many anime and read so many mangas I’m in the danger of turning, as they say, otaku LOL!

        I actually have read Kimi Ni Todoke! And watched upto 7 episodes of Vampire Knight before I dropped it. Already two in common LOL!
        I love KNT 🙂 Sawako/Sadako is cute, and I love the artwork 😉 And Kazehaya is adorable too! I like the BFFs and that universe is cute 🙂
        Vampire Knight, however, didn’t appeal to me… Maybe the manga is better? The starting and ending songs were however cool (though I didn’t understand a word other than ‘red’ 😀 )

        I’ll check out the other three! It was encouraging that 2 in the list was in common!

        Alice Academy is great – I just love it! It’s kind of similar to the description you gave for Pandora Hearts – it’s however about children in elementary school. But that doesn’t mean it is intended for the younger audience. Alice Academy/ Gakuen Alice is an academy for people who possess ‘Alices’, or supernatural abilities. However, once you go in, you’ll never be able to meet your friends and family outside the walls – not till you turn 20. This story is about a girl called Mikan, who follows and tries tp find her friend Hotaru when the latter gets into the Academy and no longer contacts her. And gets admitted in the process. It’s heartwarming, heartwrenching and just beautiful. You know what I mean if you love Harry Potter books which start at that age-frame too 🙂

        Another story I loved was Kaichou wa Maid Sama but it’s not that intense 😀 It’s a clichéd YA story with poor girl and rich guy but it’s the narration and portrayal that makes it stand out 🙂 Even the most predictable scenes jump out humorously and you get hooked 🙂 I watched the anime first, and followed the manga 🙂 Have you read it?

      • haha yup (about the philosophy thing)! xD Yeah, I’m a HUUGE geek!!! I’m into comic books, video games, comic books, manga/anime…My blog was SUPPOSED to be mostly of video game stuff, but then I discovered manga and anime not too long after I started my blog and now about 75% of the posts are on manga and anime…ehehe xD I think I’ve already turned otaku……-_-” I have about 6 video games to play cause I left them on the back burner cause of manga/anime…woops…o.o

        Isn’t Kimi ni Todoke AWESOME?! ^O^ Are you caught up??? Can’t wait till the next chapter comes out!!! Yeah, it took me 15 volumes later to realize that VK was over and it was it’s usually awesome self and it never would be again…especially after *SPOILER ALERT* Yuki’s turned into a vampire and it’s revealed that she’s the Kuran princess and Kaname’s sister/Kaname’s her ancestor (LOOOONG, confusing story…)…it kinda got boring and repetitive after that…-_-” Sooo…I’m just dropping it…

        Too bad Kazehaya’s not real!!! He’s soo kind (no matter WHAT he says!!!)!!! T_T haha I LOVE Chizu and Yano!!!! >o.< -_-" I wanna read it though!!!

      • I know I know – I think I’m turning Otaku as well! This is a term I learnt last month, and this is a universe I discovered then as well, and now I’m unable to resurface! I haven’t read any books recently, just reading mangas! Do they qualify? Wonder if I’ll review them – most of them are Shoujo LOL!

        Every where I check, people comment on VK’s convoluted storyline! I’m pushing it back on my TBR list, really 😀 Mangas are stretched stories anyway, but VK seems to reach soap-opera levels 😀

        No, I’ve kept Kimi ni Todoke on hold – I really do prefer comleted Manga series so that I don’t have to pull my hair out wondering what will happen nect! Recently I finished reading Arakure… Have you read that one? It’s pretty fun! (this is really turning into a chat thread !! 😀 )

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