Book Review : Violins of Autumn

Continuing my dig-up-the-old-Goodreads-reviews series, here’s a review of a book I loved 🙂
Violins of AutumnViolins of Autumn by Amy McAuley

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Isn’t that just a beautiful name? And such a beautiful cover. I picked up the book praying – really very hard – that I’ll love the book too. Well, guess what?

Loved the book too!

I can’t say why, exactly, I fell in love with this book. I have read many accounts of the Nazi invasion – both fictional and non fictional. I can’t even say this book really stood out from among them – that honour remains with ‘The Diary of Anne Frank‘. But the glimpse this book offered into young people drafted and expected to serve as spies… was laudable and very convincing. Some joining the war despite a protesting, caring family, some to escape their past. None of them, however, escaping the fact that they WERE, indeed, young. I said I can’t decide why I fell in love with the book, but I can say where:
(highlight to view quote/spoiler)
[But nothing happens. Minutes pass, and still nothing. My relief, pacing in confinement like some caged animal, breaks free. Barely able to think straight, I leave the roadside. My suitcase falls from my hands into the shade of a gnarled apple tree. I crouch with my back against the tree and burst into tears.
I stay several minutes longer than I should. I have to get up. I have to keep going.
I dry my face with a handkerchief, knocking tiny blossom petals free from my hair. Then I continue my journey to Paris, on foot and alone.]

There are no cocky spies running around dodging bullets. There are no feisty protagonists forgetting everything in heat of passion. Adele (She can never be Betty to me) is a beautiful character… So yes, now I have the reason I loved the book – the brilliant characterization and depiction of life then. It must have taken a lot of research…

Fabulous job , Amy McAuley 🙂

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