The New Year’s Day Post

It’s New Year’s Day!

And this is not a review 😀 (well, obviously). Previously my random reviews ended up all over the place: some in my Goodreads Account, some in my other blog Klutz Diaries. And chaos reigned. So here’s the remedy: a full-fledged book blog (yay!!)

Honestly speaking I’ve always envied book bloggers – they get freebies, they get to talk with the authors they love,  they hold such awesome contests and they critique so well. I’m just a straggler, and a 20-year old at that. Unforgivable sin indeed, given that most books in my read list belong to teen and YA shelves and I start a book blog after I stopped being one (teenager, I mean. I’m definitely a young adult and a happy one in that 😛 )

So here’s The Book Hog 🙂 I have imported the few reviews in Klutz Diaries (aka KD) here… Hope TBH thrives!

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